benefits of drinking filtered water

22 Sep. 19

5 Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water for Kids

It’s hard to know exactly where your tap water has been. Sure, it typically flows through the city’s water purification center, but from there it must travel a long way to your home, all the while moving through plumbing that likely hasn’t been serviced in decades (if not longer). If you live in a more rural area the water may originate from a local well, in which case the water is often stationary for long periods of time in an older well, before arriving at your home.

Either way, along the way the water will pick up all kinds of invisible (and on occasion not so invisible) riders. You don’t want your children to drink bacteria, minerals, and other unwanted additions to the water. They need to drink clean, filtered water.

Here Are Five Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Keeps Your Children Hydrated

One of the major benefits of drinking filtered water is it keeps your children hydrated. The entire body needs a continuous supply of water to function correctly. It helps flush out the system while bringing in new water to replace it.

Staying hydrated helps maintain your child’s energy and it will improve their digestion. Drinking unfiltered tap water can lead your child to consume unwanted minerals. These unwanted minerals are then absorbed into the body. Small amounts may be okay, but as the amounts build up it can lead to some health problems.

Keep The Kidneys Working Correctly

The body does an excellent job of filtering out what it doesn’t need. However, there is only so much it can do and letting it is beneficial. The more gunk it needs to filter out the harder it works, which can eventually lead to health problems if the kidneys are overtaxed and forced to work harder than necessary.

Unfiltered water can have up to over 1,000 toxins within it. Some of these toxins are harmless and will pass right through the body. Other toxins will be absorbed and can make your child sick. Even if the kidneys do catch the toxins and remove them in time, it will take its toll on the body one way or another.

To avoid all of these issues, it is very important to upgrade the quality of water your child drinks. Thankfully it isn’t necessary to constantly go and purchase bottled water. Doing so isn’t a sustainable practice, it leaves far too much waste (even if the plastic is recycled), and it quickly adds up in cost. By adding a home water filtration system it ensures your child will always have access to clean, freshwater.

Improve Your Child’s Immune System

During cold and flu season your child’s body will work overtime to try and keep out unwanted germs. That can be a tough task when surrounded by germs at school. Because your child’s body is constantly fighting this kind of uphill battle it needs all of its resources to do as good of a job as possible.

Due to this, allocating vital resources to filter out bacteria, minerals, and unwanted toxins from water can ultimately leave your child’s body exposed, making it more susceptible to becoming sick.

No child enjoys being sick, and while they might like staying home from school the occasional day or two it not only will leave them feeling crummy but it will also put them behind in their school work. Filtered water will help improve your child’s immune system so it can be fully prepared to take in cold and flu season.

Your Child Will Enjoy Drinking It

Unfiltered water can taste and smell a bit off. Have you ever been to someone’s house and, when they offered you a glass of water, it just smelled a bit unusual? This isn’t because they don’t wash their dishes or use some kind of strange soap to do so.

Typically the issue isn’t hygienic at all. It’s about the water coming into the house. When the home isn’t using filtered water it will instead leave the resident washing dishes with dirty water, and it may mean you’re drinking less than desired water. When this happens the water might smell musty, or it might smell and taste like old eggs.

Whatever the water smells like your child will not want to drink the funny smelling water, especially if they have access to sodas and juices. While it is always best to limit a child’s intake of sugary beverages you will want to offer clean drinking water, and the best way to do this is by investing in a home filtration system.

Even Your Baby Will Benefit

Are you expecting a child or have recently given birth? If so, you may be considering the use of formula in certain instances. The formula is packed with the nutrients your baby needs to grow strong. However, what your baby doesn’t need is the toxins possibly found within the tap water you’re mixing the formula with. It is always important when it comes to such a young child to use the very best ingredients possible. Their immune system is not fully developed, which leaves them susceptible to all kinds of possible illnesses. This doesn’t need to be the case though.

By considering all the benefits of drinking filtered water, you’ll quickly discover the best way to improve the overall wellbeing of your child, regardless of their age, is to invest in a home water filtration system. This small upgrade can go a long way in improving the overall health of not only your baby and child, but yourself, your pets, and everyone else drinking the water.

Upgrade to Clean Filtered Water Today

Water that comes into your home from either the city or a local well is not always the best water for you. It picks up unwanted minerals, it can taste off, and even sometimes it might smell funky. All of these issues and then some can be avoided by upgrading your home to include a filtered water system. This will help improve not only the quality of the clean water you drink, but also everything you make with water, including meals, coffee, iced tea, and anything else with water as an ingredient.

Your children will also reap the benefits of drinking clean water. So, if you want to make sure your home has the cleanest water possible, now is the time to contact Quality Water of the Carolinas or give us a call. With several water filtration options available, there is a perfect upgrade for your home. You just need to contact them and discover which is best for you and your family.