Top Benefits of Showering with Filtered Water

22 Oct. 20

Top Benefits of Showering with Filtered Water

You’ve seen the small water filters that attach onto the side of a kitchen faucet. You might even have your own water filter pitcher, so it’s easy to serve up iced cold, refreshing water (despite needing to fill that thing up every few hours). When dealing with water, you will almost always look toward how you consume it. But that’s only a small fraction of what you ultimately do with the water. 

You spend far more time cleaning with it (your clothes, your dishes, yourself) than actually putting it into your body. This means you need to consider not only the taste of the water but the overall purity of it. Unfiltered water you use in your shower can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky. You might feel weighed down, and you may even notice an odd chlorine smell to your skin as if you just got out of a swimming pool. You can avoid all of these issues with total filtered water inside of your home. We have listed some of the benefits of showering with filtered water below.

3 Benefits of Showering With Filtered Water

There are many benefits of showering with filtered water. Here are some of the amazing benefits:

Ditch The Dry Skin

Does your skin feel dry when stepping out of the shower? Maybe you notice patches around your elbows and knees where your skin is flaky. This occurs when your skin is not staying hydrated correctly and is drying out. Hard water will amplify this and can cause just about anyone to flake. The minerals found in hard water will absorb into your skin, leaving you with this uncomfortable, itchy skin. It’s also frustrating to step out of the shower, dry yourself off, and then begin to see these patches of dry skin in random areas all over your body.

While nothing replaces proper moisturizing, improving the quality of your shower water is a must. With filtered water, you’ll remove all the minerals from the water. This is one of the amazing benefits of showering with filtered water. By ridding your body of these minerals, you’ll improve the quality of your skin, boost hydration, and avoid much of the dry, flaky skin issue you’ve been dealing with now for some time.

Cut The Chlorine Smell

If you have a chlorine-like smell to your body after you step out of the bathroom, it’s because of your home’s water supply quality. Don’t worry, it’s still safe to use, but it doesn’t do much for you if it means you’re smelling like a pool. You’re taking a shower to remove all the smells from your body that you don’t like, not contributing to any undesirable aroma. When this is the case, what are you supposed to do? Not shower and hope for the best? Wait and take a shower at the gym (if the gym even has a shower currently open to the public)? Even if there are other showers you can use, trying to go to those locations simply to shower before heading off to work or go on a date is inconvenient.

Thankfully, you can avoid all of these issues with the help of a total water filtration system within your home. This is one of the amazing benefits of showering with filtered water. By installing a complete water filtration system, you’ll strip away all of the negatives from your home’s water supply, leaving yourself with 100% pure water. This way, you’ll step out of the shower smelling like your soaps and shampoos, not like you just swam 50 laps in preparation for the Olympics.

Improve The Look Of Your Shower

Nobody likes cleaning a shower. Yet, over time, it develops all kinds of gunk and other nasty mildew within the shower. Some of this does have to do with the soap you’re using, and if your shower remains humid post-shower, it can lead to some mold development, but much of the problem does sit with the quality of water in the first place. The showerhead and faucets will begin to collect different minerals. It might be a frosted white from sodium that’s clinging to the faucet, or it may have turned an ugly green and brown from different minerals. If you’ve gone a while since cleaning the showerhead and faucet, it can take some serious elbow grease to strip away that gunk and restore the original luster. All of this is a frustrating problem, but it is something you can make easier on yourself.

With a total quality water filtration system, you’ll make cleaning your shower far easier on yourself than it ever has been in the past. Yes, you will still need to clean the shower. Even a filtered water supply will not make cleaning your shower a thing of the past. However, what it will do is make cleaning your shower that much easier. You won’t have all the mildew and gunk built up on the shower heads and the faucet. Instead, what you’ll be left with is a shower that needs to be occasionally cleaned to remove mold and mildew left from a bathroom with poor air circulation and from any kind of soap left in the shower.

By removing much of the labor, you’re forced to put into your bathroom, and you’ll make life so much easier on yourself.

Invest In Yourself With Quality Water

Filtered water isn’t just a benefit for your taste buds. It is a benefit for your skin and even your appliances. By filtering out all the gunk before moving through your home, it will prevent minerals from building up in your appliances and plumbing, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. It’ll also help give you beautiful looking skin that doesn’t smell like chlorine or feel dry. No matter the size or age of your home now is the time to consider a total home purification system. By now you should be aware of all the benefits of showering with filtered water.

Here at Quality Water of the Carolinas, we’re here to provide you with precisely that. So, feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience or send us an email right through our website. We can’t wait to begin helping you with a total home water filtration system.