26 Apr. 13

Choosing the best water treatment professional

There are many things to consider when making an investment in water treatment equipment for you and your family. Here are a few questions to assist in choosing the best company for your water treatment needs.

1 – Is your water treatment company knowledgeable about all types of water treatment systems (Not just the ones they sell)?

2 – Does your water treatment dealer only sell one line (one manufacture)? If so you are limited in your options.

3- Is the equipment outdated (old technology) or new technology that does not perform as advertised? Do they use the highest caliber of equipment and components? Can they customize a system or do they still think one size fits all?

4- Does your water treatment supplier service the equipment they sell?

5- Does the warranty only include equipment but exclude labor? Many companies only warranty equipment and charge excessive amounts to replace a warranty part.

6- Does your water treatment company offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for one full year?

7- Does your water treatment company have a commissioned sales associate? We do not. Those that do usually add the sales associate’s salary to the cost of your water treatment equipment.

8- Will your water treatment company give you an estimate over the phone? Most will not. They state that a sales associate MUST come out first. This is usually to do a long demo that ends in high pressure sales presentation

9 – Did your water analysis take over an hour? Most water test should take 10 minutes. The 1-2 hr demos are nothing more that sales pitch and high pressure tactics.

10- Does your water treat company have a CERTIFIED water specialist with experience?

Owner, Ken Tallmadge is CERTIFIED through the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist. He has been involved in water treatment since 1998.

11- Does your water treatment company plan to be in business for the years to come or are they temporary?

12- Is water treatment a true specialty for your water treatment company or is it an addition to their primary business?

I hope you ask ALL of these questions as there are many Water Treatment Companies and few Water Treatment Professionals.

Ken Tallmadge –CWS-I

Certified Water Specialist

Quality Water Of The Carolinas