filtered drinking water systems pros and cons

08 Mar. 18

Pros and Cons of Buying a Drinking Water Filtration System Vs. Buying Bottled Water

The human body is 80 percent water. You need to sustain this level of water in your body by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. Since hydration is a key element to human survival, it’s important to choose wisely and be careful when selecting the type of water that you drink. Typically, tap water is full of health-threatening contaminants that can cause severe problems to your body. There are two types of water that you can hydrate with: filtered water and bottled water. This article examines the pros and cons of filtered water and bottled water to help you understand why you need to purchase the best whole home water filter today.

Pros of Filtered Drinking Water

Filtered water refers to water that has been purified through a filtration process using a whole home water filtration system. Although there are different types of water filters, all of them provide a similar result but in various manners. Below are some of the pros and cons of filtered water.

Filtered Water Doesn’t Have Odors

Did you know that the primary cause of that unpleasant smell of tap water is chlorine? Chlorine is usually added to water to destroy bacteria and other impurities that may be present in it. However, filtered water lacks that unpleasant smell of chlorine and other contaminants since the chemical are eliminated from the water during the filtration process.

Filtration is A More Effective Water Purification Method

The filtration process uses both chemical and physical processes which facilitate selective removal of large quantities of contaminants from drinking water. The filter can remove even the smallest but dangerous chemical herbicides and pesticides from the water while allowing the minute and healthy minerals to pass through. The preservation of these minute water minerals makes the best whole house water filter the healthiest source of drinking water.

Water Filtration Systems are Cost-Effective

Although water filtration in Charlotte may seem expensive due to the initial cost of purchasing the water filter system, it’s cost-effective in the long-run because it can save your family a lot of money. A family of five will spend approximately $2.00 strictly on drinking tap water that has been filtered at home. This is a lot less compared to about $3,500 that a family of five can spend on bottled water every year!

 Filtered Water has an Improved Flavor

There is nothing as disgusting as having to drink water with some funny flavor. Not only are you assured that the water you’re taking is of poor quality, but you may not hydrate since you’ll stop drinking the water at some point. Filtered water has an improved flavor since chlorine and other chemicals have been removed from it through the filtration process.

Filtered Water Is Pure Drinking Water Produced On Demand

Typically, filtered water is pure drinking water that is produced when needed. You can always turn on your  whole home water filter whenever you are in need of clean and contaminant-free water to drink. Your system provides it in a few seconds. If you are planning to go out for a walk or official duties, you simply fill a container with the filtered water and carry it along with you.

Cons of Filtered Drinking Water

There are also some few downsides of filtered water. However, the downsides are mostly associated with initial cost and maintenance, which have nothing to do with the quality of water filtered.

The Initial Setup and Installation Cost of the Filtration System Can Be High

The water filter may cost you a lot of money to acquire it. However, there are still some filtration systems that are available on a budget. In case you can’t afford the hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a high-end whole home water filtration system, there is no need to worry since there are lots of other cheaper options available.

It is best to discuss these options with your local water filtration company, Quality Water of the Carolina’s. Their experience and expertise can make all the difference in your research and queries when deciding what water filtration system is best for your budget and your needs.

Regular Maintenance Is Required

Every mechanical system requires regular maintenance to keep it functional. You may encounter some minor costs since the filters need to be changed after some time, but this doesn’t add up to a considerable amount.

Again, discussing, not only the decision-making process for a water filtration system with your local water filtration company, Quality Water of the Carolinas, but also the post-installation maintenance and upkeep options you have can make all the difference when deciding how you will afford the setup and the necessary upkeep afterward.

Bottled Water

For many years, bottled water has become a popular option for many people. A lot of people seem to favor the convenience that it offers regardless of the cost. Here are some pros and cons of bottled water.

Pros of Bottled Water


Bottle water is always convenient since it offers hydration on the go. It is easy to carry around and is a good option especially in places where drinking water isn’t guaranteed. You can purchase it anytime, anywhere.

Safer to Drink than Tap Water

Bottled water is safe to drink compared to direct tap water since it usually undergoes some form of purification before its bottled. This purification eliminates harmful chemicals and other contaminants from it.

Easily Accessible

Almost all stores sell bottled water. This offers a significant advantage since filtered water is only available in your home and in other few places where water filtration systems are available. Bottled water is always within your reach for a few dollars.

Great Taste

We can all agree that bottled water always has a great taste compared to tap water. This is due to the purification process that eliminates unpleasant chemicals and contaminants from the water, like in a whole home water filtration system, before it is made available for consumption.

Cons of Bottled Water


This is the most significant disadvantage of bottled water that should make you purchase a best whole house water filter as soon as possible. Although it may seem cheap, bottled water can cost your family up to $3000 per year. This is a lot of money compared to about $2 that a family of up to five will spend on purified drinking water. These numbers are a clear proof of how you are affecting your budget by purchasing bottled water every time you want to hydrate the body.

Bottle Water Leads to Environmental Pollution

Plastic is one of the leading environmental hazards in the modern world. Tons of plastic water bottles are being disposed of every day which leads to air and land pollution. Although the experts blame the pollution on irresponsible disposal of the plastic bottles, the world could be a better place without the plastic bottles.

Bottled water is not Always Contaminant-Free

Although bottlers mostly tout bottled water as pure and contaminant-free water that is good for consumption, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the water doesn’t undergo thorough purification before it’s bottled, and in some rare cases, dealers will bottle direct tap water without purifying it. This means that you may end up spending a lot of money consuming contaminated tap water that isn’t good for your health and overall well-being.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that although bottled water is good, it’s not always great since you don’t know what happens to the water before it ends up in the bottle. Filtered water offers the best option when it comes to pure and safe drinking water. With a whole home water filtration system, you will filter the water whenever you need it which saves you a lot of money in the end. Contact Quality Water of the Carolinas today to decide what water filtration system is right for your household!