03 Jan. 13

For a Healthy Diet: Drink Water

Start the new year off right. If you, or someone you know,would like to shed a few pounds, drinking water can help. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and it will keep your body fully hydrated during the day, replenishing any lost moisture. It can also help burn the calories you have already consumed.

If you have already have a drinking water system or a home filtration system,you know you are giving your body the healthiest, purest water you can. This fits in perfectly with your new healthier lifestyle. It is suggested that you consume ½ an ounce of pure water for every pound that you weigh. Consumption rate also depends on the amount of exercise you do each day, where you live and how much you weigh. As temperatures rise, you will need to replenish more liquid at a faster rate.

Drinking pure water keeps the body from becoming dehydrated. A fully hydrated body uses water in the burning of calories. Dehydration can slow down the fat-burning progress. Drinking a lot of water will also aid in flushing toxins out of your body. Body hydration helps you maintain your muscle tone as it facilitates the muscle contractions and lubricates your joints. This helps to reduce muscle soreness allowing you to feel more comfortable while you exercise. This will ultimately allow you to exercise more frequently.

Drinking water with your meals, and in between meals, will also help you feel fuller faster. As a result, you should eat smaller portions at each meal. You still want to be aware of proper nutrition and the correct number of calories so it may be important to speak with a nutritionist. They can devise a plan on exactly how many calories you should be eating and what kinds of foods you need to eat each day.