Investing Kinetico Water Softener System Can Save Homeowners Money

28 Sep. 18

How Investing In A Kinetico Water Softener Can Cut Home Energy Costs This Year

As soon as you become a homeowner, your life becomes all about that bottom line. Specifically, on how you can reduce your bills and can actually put a little extra money back each month.

Kinetico water softener is one way you can do that. However, many people don’t know exactly what these systems are and how installing one of them can save tons of money throughout the year.

Keep reading to discover more about the money-saving secrets of a softening system!

Energy Efficiency

Before we can talk about all the ways Kinetico water softener can save you money, we need to bust a myth. Specifically, the myth about the energy costs of this system!

Many homeowners see such a system as just another appliance, and they fear that it will use a lot of extra energy to operate it. However, this isn’t true: you’ll use about the same amount of energy to operate a water softening system all year as you would use on a standard alarm clock.

That amount of energy is minimal. Especially when you compare it to how much you stand to save in terms of energy and money!

Hard Water, Hard Bills

If you’re interested in reducing your energy costs, then you’ll want to improve the efficiency of your water heater. And the main culprit that is bringing that efficiency down is hard water!

Hard water builds up in your pipes and causes plenty of headaches such as clogged or damaged pipes. Your appliances also end up having to work overtime to get anything done!

A water softener is a way to quickly and effectively deal with hard water. And even better, you’ll enjoy this protection throughout the entire year! And you get quite a few benefits from this that put even more money back in your pocket.

Use Less Soap

Everyone loves to sit down to a good meal. However, if there’s something that everyone hates, it’s having to do the dishes. But what if doing the dishes just got a whole lot easier?

A Kinetico water softener provides water that makes it much easier to remove gunk and leave your plates looking spotless. And the more cleaning the water can do, the less you’ll have to rely on expensive soaps!

In this way, you get a real “two for one” benefit: it makes it much easier to do the dishes and it saves you money on not having to buy so much dish soap!

Saves On Repair Bills

Remember earlier when we talked about how hard water makes all your appliances work overtime? As it turns out, that’s only the tip of the iceberg for the harm that it causes!

Those clogged pipes, for instance, are more than an annoyance. The clogs can cause actual damage to your pipes and seriously affect your plumbing. Before you know it, you’ll be making expensive repair calls and possibly having to replace your entire plumbing system!

The Kinetico water softener protects those pipes as much as it protects your appliances. That means you won’t be staring down a nasty repair bill anytime soon!

Improved Washing Machines

As we said earlier, that hard water means hard living for many of your appliances. And perhaps none are hit quite as hard as your washing machine!

Having to process hard water day in and day out greatly adds to the wear and tear on your washing machine. And on top of things, it severely reduces the efficiency with which your clothes get clean.

If you’re not careful, you end up with “the worst of both worlds”: a washer that does a terrible job and ends up needing to be replaced way too soon! However, a water softener can improve its lifespan and can even help with your clothes.

Longer Lasting Clothes

Yes, Virginia: softer water can do a lot of wonders. In fact, it can even lead to longer-lasting clothes!

This ties in to our previous point: when your washing machine is getting damaged by the hard water in your home, it’s not alone. It’s passing some of that damage along to your clothes as well!

This means that your clothes will fade in color quicker and will fall apart more easily. You’ll end up spending more and more money just to keep some clothes on your back. Why not invest in a Kinetico water softener and save all this money throughout the year?

Huge Savings Over Time

If you look at any one area where a water softener system can save you money, you might be tempted to think “that’s not a huge amount.” However, when you add it altogether throughout the year, you end up saving a pretty penny!

As we’ve talked about, you’re saving money on soap, clothes, repair bills. Heck, softer water even means that you’ll be saving on your electricity bills every month! All of this means that you will have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars, all from making a simple purchase.

More Than Pays for Itself

Look, we get it: no one likes to think about buying another appliance, especially when money is so tight. That’s why we’d like you to see the Kinetico water softener as more of an investment.

Due to the savings, you will have paid off the cost of the water softening system before the first year is out. That means that every year after that, you’re simply saving more and more money every month.

And because this water softener system will last many years, this is as good as putting extra money in your pocket. Far from costing you too much, this baby will generate more savings than you know what to do with!


Before, you had questions about whether this system could truly save you money. Now, you know the truth: it can actually save you money left and right!

You know that it will pay for itself and almost immediately puts money back in your pocket. So, we just have one question: what are you waiting for? Come check out our products today and get a free water analysis!