Kinetico Water Treatment System

24 Aug. 18

Staying Hydrated This Summer With a Kinetico Water Treatment System

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things anyone can do for their help. However, most people don’t get enough water to drink each day. There are many reasons for this. They may not like the taste of tap water, or they may not want to spend money on bottled water each week.

There is another solution, though: getting a Kinetico water treatment system. This system purifies your tap water and lets you drink as much clean and healthy water as you want!

Is this water treatment system right for you? Keep reading to discover some of the pros and cons!

Pros of the Kinetico Water Treatment System

Whenever you’re considering a new investment, it’s good to compare the pros and cons. You want to figure out exactly what you’re getting out of this and whether it’s actually worth it.

That’s where we come in. Keep reading to discover a few of the pros of buying a water treatment system!


Some people scoff at the idea of getting a water treatment system of any kind. “It’s just water,” they say. “Why can’t I just drink right from the sink?”

Obviously, no one is keeping you from drinking tap water from the sink. But it’s not really a good idea. There can be a variety of contaminants in your local water. Not only does this negatively impact your health, but it can even make the water taste funny!

The typical alternative to tap water is bottled water. And while it’s tough to beat the convenience of grabbing a water to go, the cost adds up over time. Additionally, you’re generating a lot of extra waste with all those bottles.

Just think. A water treatment system lets you have all the health benefits of bottled water with none of the extra cost or annoyances. We’ll definitely drink to that!

Solid Warranty

When it comes to any kind of treatment system, some consumers are wary of spending the money to buy any kind of equipment. They worry about shelling out money for a system today and then having to replace it if it breaks down soon after that.

With Kinetico, though, you can buy with peace of mind. Many models come with a robust warranty, and some warranties are as long as seven years. This helps you to see the system for what it is. It’s an investment to help you save money over the long term.

Sure, you’re paying an extra cost up front now, and you’ll have to pay for things like filters from time to time. But the potential for saving money versus buying bottled water is huge. And the bigger your family, the bigger your potential savings each and every month!

Long-Lasting Filters

As we mentioned before, you’ll need to replace your filters from time to time (more on that later). This is a negative quality for many consumers, but it comes with a pretty big bright side. The filters themselves last a very long time!

In the water treatment system, the filters are what does the heavy lifting for you. The multistage treatment system is what purifies your water and makes it tasty and clean. These filters will need to be replaced from time to time, but not as often as you think. Many Kinetico filters last up to twelve months before they need to be replaced.

When you factor in that most competitors’ filters only last about half that long, then this treatment system is quite the deal. And not having to replace the filters very often only adds to the savings that you’re already experiencing!

Cons of the Kinetico Water Treatment System

Sometimes, the old songs are true. Every rose has its thorns. And with that in mind, even the Kinetico water treatment system has a few cons to go with its pros.

Keep reading to discover what they are!

Requires Professional Installation

One of the few cons of the Kinetico water treatment system is that it requires a professional installation. While there are plenty of appliances and systems you can install on your own around the house, this is something that needs a professional touch.

If you try to install this system on your own and something goes wrong, it could cause damage to your home; additionally, the system may not purify the water in the exact way that it was intended.

Ultimately, though, this isn’t much of a dealbreaker. Most people need professionals to help them fix their car, but that doesn’t make the automobile any less convenient!

Takes Up a Lot of Space

While there are different Kinetico systems available, there is one thing they have in common: they usually take up more space than you’re expecting. And if you’re not prepared for this, there can be a bit of an adjustment period.

However, taking up “too much space” is a relative thing. Most people turn to a water treatment system because they are sick of constantly having to buy bottled water. When you factor in how much space dozens of water bottles take up—and the fact that you must constantly buy more—then the Kinetico system is not much of an adjustment at all!

Need to Replace Filters

Since we already mentioned it, this last con is short and to the point. You will need to replace the filters for your water treatment system every twelve months or so. And of course, you’ll need to remember to do this, so it’s important to stay on top of doing this every year.

Like we said before, though, these filters last longer than almost any other competitor. And there’s not much of an alternative. You can’t exactly filter water without using filters! With that in mind, the long-lasting filters of the Kinetico are definitely worth your investment.

Final Verdict

While it has cons as well as pros, the Kinetico water treatment system is ultimately worth your investment. It offers you a chance to save money and space versus buying bottled water, all while staying hydrated and boosting your overall health.

It’s time to drink to your health. Why not start with a glass of purified water?