Kinetico Water Treatment Systems

07 Feb. 19

Never Too Late for a Resolution: New Year, New Water

When 2019 kicked off, many people dusted off that classic phrase: “new year, new me!” Time will tell whether that “new me” business sticks. However, there is a far more important goal we think you should focus on: “new year, new water!” Many of us are forced to either spend a ton of money on bottled water or drink tap water that is filled with contaminants. However, you can get the best of both worlds by using Kinetico water treatment systems.

New to the world of water purification and treatment? Keep reading to learn more about the products that may be best for you!

Kinetico Water Treatment Systems

Here’s a good question you should be asking: what makes Kinetico water treatment systems different from your average filter? As it turns out, the difference is all about the quality of the filtering itself.

For example, Kinetico has special drinking water systems that are downright high-tech. These systems pass your water through multiple stages of both filtration and osmosis before any of it ever lands in your cup. In addition, the best drinking water systems are able to remove more contaminants than the competition. The K5, for instance, is able to remove a whopping 18 contaminants from your water before it ever reaches your lips.

All of this convenience comes in a wonderfully small package. It’s very easy to install these systems under your sink or in other kitchen areas. That way, you have easy access to clean and refreshing drinking water “on demand.”

Water Softeners

Ever notice that your water has a bad taste? It may be that your home has “hard” water.

If you don’t already know, “hard water” doesn’t mean that your water turned into ice. Instead, it means that your water is filled with minerals that are bad for everything from your health to your clothing.

One of the best ways to fix this is to use one of Kinetico’s awesome water softening systems. Each system is equipped with multiple tanks, ensuring that you don’t have to wait when it comes to getting clean and tasty water on demand.

And this product, like all Kinetico products, can be installed by a professional who will also inspect your home. This allows them to recommend the exact water softening product that is perfect for your specific needs.

Whole House Filters

So far, we’ve focused on Kinetico water treatment systems that work in one area of the home. The obvious area to put such a device is in your kitchen. But what if you have a water issue that extends throughout the house?

For example, issues regarding water quality can harm more than your health. Such water may negatively affect the clothes that you wash; furthermore, contaminated or hard water can even damage the washer, forcing you into costly home repairs that you weren’t quite ready for.

A Kinetico whole house filter is the natural solution to this particular problem. As the name implies, this system focuses on eliminating contaminants from your home’s water altogether. It does this through a combination of a macrolite filter, a carbon filter, and a sulfur guard. Each one of these plays a unique role in protecting your home from poor quality water. Put them all together and you have the kind of awesome convenience you’ve been waiting your whole year to experience!

Commercial Products

Most of the products Kinetico is known for focus on home solutions. However, they can also apply their technology and their techniques to large-scale solutions for businesses.

If you are a business owner or manager, you know how important the quality of the water really is. Employees who are drinking unhealthy water may end up developing illnesses because of it. Those employees will then call out sick so they can go to the doctor.

As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You can control the variables to begin with and reduce the chance of employees getting sick by embracing one of Kinetico’s business solutions.

Many of these solutions are similar to their home solutions but are scaled for businesses. Thus, things like water softeners and drinking water systems are available that can accommodate the entire office.

You don’t have to “buy blind,” either. Kinetico insists on inspecting your office and finding out which of the Kinetico water treatment systems is best for the needs of you and your office.

Ultimately, your employees will be healthier and more productive. And what more could we want out of our business?

Water Coolers

Some of the Kinetico water treatment systems effectively blur the line between being a home water solution and a business water solution. One of our favorites in this regard are the Kinetico water coolers.

Water coolers themselves have a diverse array of possible uses. Many workplaces provide a water cooler to help employees stay refreshed (and to give them an informal place to socialize). Similarly, many churches provide water coolers to keep the congregation cool on a warm day. And they are an absolute must for any school events or other events in which you need to keep many people hydrated.

Finally, water coolers are becoming increasingly popular within the home. Many of us have turned our home offices into true workspaces, and productivity is all about removing the need to get up and go to the kitchen. Having a nearby water cooler can be a big help.

Traditional water coolers have a big weakness, though: they don’t really filter any of the water. If your water source is full of impurities or hard water, then that’s what you end up drinking. Even worse, you’ve shared that bad water with countless other people!

Kinetico provides water coolers that filter any water inside before it goes into the cup. Furthermore, they make it easy to change whether you get ice cold water or hot water with the pull of a single button. Whether people need to cool off on a warm day or warm up on a cool day, Kinetico has you covered.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more important than your health. But if you are drinking poor quality water, you are putting that health in danger every single day.

By finding the Kinetico water solution that is best for you, it’s possible to make every day better than the last. Even better, you can make bad water a thing of the past!