Kinetico Premier Water Softner

20 Nov. 18

Prevent Hard Water With a Kinetico Premier Water Softener

There is a lot that can go wrong around your home. Most of us are always on the lookout for things like malfunctioning appliances. However, what if there was a hidden threat that you couldn’t actually see?

It may sound like a dramatic movie monster. However, this threat is all too real. It’s hard water.

Hard water can cause everything from foul smells to high water bills. Fortunately, there are ways to beat it back using products such as the Kinetico Premier Water Softener.

Keep reading for more about what hard water is and the benefits of preventing it!

What Is Hard Water?

The purpose of products such as the Kinetico Premier Water Softener is to protect your home from hard water. However, many homeowners have a very fundamental question. What, exactly, is hard water?

On the most basic level, hard water is water that has a high level of mineral content. The water travels through the deposits of chalk and limestone within your pipes and effectively becomes “hard” water.

Hard water is bad for a number of reasons. It can cause major damage to your home, all while driving your bills sky high! Keep reading for some more details on why hard water is so bad.

Why Is Hard Water Bad?

Why, exactly, is it bad to have hard water? The truth is that there are more reasons than you can shake a stick at! Here, we’ll break down some of the most common reasons.

First, it can potentially damage your pipes. As you can imagine, having hard water in your pipes can lead to clogs and damage within those pipes. This can lead to an expensive repair job or a really expensive replacement of your pipes.

Second, it damages everything from appliances to clothes. Basically, anything that uses hard water is likely to get damaged from it, including things like dishwashers and washing machines. And the water isn’t good for anything it comes into contact with. For things like clothes, it strips the color while making the clothes fall apart much more quickly than they should.

Finally, it drives your bills up! Hard water can drive up the bill for things like your water heating bill. On top of that, the hard water makes it harder to clean things like clothes and dishes, meaning that you’re investing lots of unnecessary money in extra detergent and soap.

The bottom line? You’re better off protecting yourself from hard water with products like the Kinetico Premier Water Softener!

How to Detect It

There are lots of technical ways to check for hard water, and you can always call some pros out if you want to be completely certain. However, there are some easy signs that you can try to detect on your own!

First of all, there’s the funny smell. Hard water has a nasty smell, almost like rotten eggs. If you’re wrinkling your nose up when you get close to the water in your house, that’s a pretty major sign!

As you might imagine, hard water doesn’t taste great, either. If it tastes weird (like dirt, or possibly a copper-like taste), then it’s possible you have hard water.

You can also be on the lookout for some of the signs we’ve already mentioned. Hard water is a frequent cause of clogged drains. So if you’re getting clogged quite a bit, hard water may be the culprit!

If your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they used to, this may also be a sign. Additionally, appliances wearing out before their time may have been damaged by hard water.

Finally, don’t overlook the telltale stains. If places like your sinks or toilet have stains that look a bit like rust, then it’s quite likely your home has hard water.

What Are the Benefits of Preventing It?

We’ve talked about how things like the Kinetico Premier Water Softener can help prevent hard water. However, you may still have a fundamental question. What’s in it for you?

As it turns out, preventing hard water brings a whole host of benefits to you and your home. And these benefits do everything from making life around the house easier to putting extra money in your pocket!

First, you’ll be saving plenty of time. Without the nuisance of hard water, you’ll be able to do things like clean your clothes and dishes much more efficiently. This also means you’ll be buying less soap, which is always good for the bottom line.

Your appliances and pipes are going to last a lot longer, too. Without damaging hard water coursing through them, your pipes will have fewer clogs and need to be replaced or repaired far less often. Similarly, things like dishwashers and washing machines are going to last a lot longer, meaning fewer headaches for you.

Finally, you can save on things like your water bill every single month. This means that the cost of the Kinetico Premier Water Softener will pay for itself in no time!

How Does the Kinetico Premier Water Softener Work?

There are various ways to prevent hard water, but one of the absolute best solutions is the Kinetico Premier Water Softener.

How does it work? The actual “softening” process helps to remove the magnesium and calcium that has built up inside your water, making it hard. The water softener uses a special ion exchange process to remove ions containing the unwanted material while leaving your water clean and healthy.

Over time, your water may harden again. But with a Kinetico Premier Water Softener, you will be able to clean it whenever you need to.

Now, you’ll have clean water the way it was always meant to be: right on tap!


If you’re not careful, hard water can drive your bills up, waste your time, and generally make life as a homeowner pretty miserable. However, you don’t have to settle for that. The Kinetico Premier Water Softener helps make you master of your domain once again!

If you’d like to enjoy clean and healthy water right away, don’t wait; come browse our products today!