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Bottleless Water Coolers

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A Purlogix™ system is the ideal addition to your workplace, home, church or retail location to provide pure, eco-friendly drinking water.You can have the highest caliber of water with our bottleless water cooler.

This water filtration system is second to none in providing you with purified drinking water. Coupled with our water dispensing system, you have crystal clear cold water and instant hot water with the pull of the top. Anytime. All the time. Our reverse osmosis system is connected to your existing water system and uses a patented system to filter out 98% of all impurities and pollutants. As a result, you no longer need to inventory bottles or load water coolers.

Save up to 80% by Ditching the Bottles

If you are still using bottled water or a bottle cooler, you are spending too much! It is more cost effective to invest in a bottleless water cooler, and better for the environment. You will save up to 80% on the cost of purified drinking water. Due to increasing bottled water cost, many have chosen to make the switch. Purlogix coolers make it easy to enjoy great tasting, cold water all the time. You dont have to worry about storing heavy jugs of water, lifting and spilling them, or running out of water. You have a constant supply of pure water connected to your water line. Contact us for more information about Purlogix™ bottleless water coolers.

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