Whole House Filters

Whole House Water Filtration

For those with more complex water challenges, we offer whole the best whole house water filters and specialty filtration systems to help tackle those challenges. Our Kinetico whole house systems eliminate contaminants that cause a host of common problems. A Kinetico whole house water filter or specialty water filter can eliminate impurities without straining your budget or time. Common problems like cloudy water, rust or blue-green staining and rotten egg smell are solved. The Kinetico whole house water filters we offer eliminate a variety of contaminants including sulfur, arsenic, chlorine, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. We also have a simple neutralization system that raises the pH of water and eliminates the problem of acidic water.

A certified water professional will test your water to determine the key contaminants and discuss your concerns. We will then design and plan system and choose the best whole house water filters that focus on solving these problems. All of our Kinetico home filtration systems are backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Macrolite Filter: This twin tank system uses an exclusive ceramic media developed in conjunction with 3M. It eliminates certain forms of iron, sediment, particulate matter and turbidity, down to negligible levels.

Carbon Filter: Twin tanks contain a carbon filter that is commonly used to refresh water by removing chlorine, tastes and odors.

Sulfur Guard: These filters provide a proven remedy for handling foul smelling “rotten egg” water once and for all. The sulfur guard removes hydrogen sulfide in your water that is responsible for the unpleasant smell. Unlike other systems that use multiple treatment stages and are expensive, cumbersome and complex to maintain, the Kinetico Sulfur Guard Water Filter is easy to operate and own.

Depending on the water quality in your home, one or more systems may be required to restore your water to the most pure state. We have a variety of systems available in addition to the list above and can customize the best whole house water filter solution around your specific water filtration needs . We’ll test your water and see what, if any, water treatment is necessary. Contact us for more information about Kinetico whole house water filters and specialty filters today.

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