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25 Jul. 19

Types of Home Water Filtration Systems

Have you noticed your water tastes a bit off? Perhaps if you leave a glass out overnight you wake up to mineral residue collecting around the bottom of the cup. Or maybe after shows your skin feels dry and smells like chlorine. There’s no limit to the kinds of water issues your home may experience. While the water is more than likely safe to drink it doesn’t mean you won’t be left with smelly dishes out of the dishwasher or dry, dull hair. Thankfully, whatever the problem may be, Quality Water has a water filtration system just for you.

Drinking Water Systems

Perhaps your skin doesn’t feel dry or smell like chemicals after taking a shower, and maybe your dishes come out smelling clean out of the dishwasher. In these instances you might not need full-house systems. Instead, you might only want to find a way to remove minerals found within the water, so the water you drink is as pure as possible. In these instances, Quality Water provides several drinking water systems. 

The K5 Drinking Water Station is the company’s bestseller. It’s far different from the pitchers or tap filters you might find at the store. These filtration systems can produce over 58 gallons of water per day (the industry average is 15.6). This system installs under your sink. This way, you don’t just have clean drinking water, but clean water to wash dishes.

The AquaKinetic Drinking Water System is a three step system that uses a high-capacity filter, a carbon postfilter, and a high-performance reverse osmosis membrane. This gives you incredibly clean and clear water at your tap. It’s small and fits under your sink, or even in a utility room.

The right drinking water solution will depend on the amount of water you need continuously. Thankfully, the Quality Water technician can go over the benefits of each with your household specifics in mind.

Water Softener

Do you have hard water? This usually occurs when you have an abundance of minerals found within the water. This can leave your skin feeling dry and hair weighed down. You might also notice your clothes are not as clean smelling when you remove them from the washer and dryer. In this instance a water softener might be the best option for you.

The Kinetico Premier Series is a water softener designed for an entire home. It uses a multi-tank-system that ensures you always have a clean tank of water at the ready while the other tank filters the water. There is also a Kinetico Signature Series, which is helpful when your water suffers from only moderate mineral issues (the Premier Series water softener can handle much tougher mineral deposits in the water).

Whole House Water Filtration

Water softeners are great when you have hard water, but there are times when you might have other problems going on with your water that a softener won’t address. For example, if you’re noticing a blue-green staining on your glasses, or if whenever you run water you smell rotten eggs (especially after your dish washer has finished a cycle), you need a whole house water filtration system.

A whole house water filtration system will remove all kinds of contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, manganese, iron, arsenic, and chlorine, just to name a few. The water filtration systems can also correct acidic water.

Now, if you noticed a funny smell and taste in your water seemingly out of nowhere, it might be a sign of a larger problem. It could be an issue with a septic tank on your property, or it might be a city water problem. When you contact Quality Water you should go over when you started to notice the change ans if it came up out of nowhere or gradually. The clean water technician can help you determine if you should contact the city and let them know there is a problem.

There’s a number of whole house water filter systems you can take advantage of. There is a macrolite filter. This is a twin-tank system that uses ceramic media. This kind of filter is designed to remove iron and other sediment.

A carbon filter is another twin-tank system that is most commonly used to remove chlorine and other, similar tastes and odors from your water.

A sulfur guard is available if you have noticed the rotten egg smell. This smell is usually from an abundance of hydrogen sulfide in your water (and not because someone dropped some egg shells in the garbage disposal). The Kinetico Sulfur Guard Water Filter doesn’t require multiple tanks to use, as it will block the issue out at the access point.

There are other water filtration options, each of which are based on your particular needs. The Quality Water technician after testing your water will be able to guide you through the process of selecting the right filter.

Bottleless Water Coolers

Maybe you run an office, a church, non-profit location, or anywhere else that might not have the greatest available water. These large locations might be too expensive to filter the water completely, or you may not be in charge of the water utility (which is common in a business setting). In these instances you should consider a bottleless water cooler.

This system is different from what you might be used to with regard to a water cooler. There is no giant jug or delivery system you need to deal with. Instead, the bottleless water cooler is connected to your current water system. It then uses a reverse osmosis system to filter out 98 percent of all impurities. This way, you have fresh tasting, clean water, all without having new water jugs delivered, or swapping out jugs when one is out.

Commercial Services

If you do run a business, such as a restaurant, hotel, or another location where guests will regularly use the water, Quality Water will work with you in offering the best tasting water possible. So, whether you need clean water for your disinfection services or you want to provide assisted living residents with pure, clean water, all you need to do is give the team at Quality Water a call.

Many of the water filtration systems used are similar to that of the household drinking water systems, only on a larger scale. By testing your water and determining what you’re looking for, it becomes easier to select the right kind of water filtration system that fits both your budget and the overall needs of your company, facility, or non-profit organization.

Take Advantage Of An In Home Consultation Today

Do you want to take advantage of clean, refreshing water, but you’re not sure which is right for your home? The team at Quality Water is here to help. All you need to do is give them a call and schedule a time when a water treatment technician can stop by. They will first test your water to see what kind of chemicals or minerals are present. From there, they can determine which system will work best for your home needs. From water softeners to drinking water systems and everything in between, Quality Water is here to help.