what does hard water do to your skin

23 Dec. 19

What Does Hard Water Do To Your Skin? How Water Softeners Can Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin This Winter

After a shower does your skin feel itchy? Does it smell like chlorine? Do you find your knees, elbows, feet, and other areas of your body are flaky? All of this is likely due to you having hard water.

With hard water, there are additional minerals found within the water, which you then wash your skin and hair in. This can leave your entire body dried out and itchy, especially during the winter months when there might be less moisture in the air.

The best way to combat this issue is to improve the quality of your hard water. This is possible with a water softener. When considering what does hard water do to your skin, here is what you need to know.

What Does Hard Water Do To Your Skin?

To understand what does hard water do to your skin, why it is drying out after you take a shower it is necessary to know what hard water is.

What Is Hard Water

Hard water has a high count of minerals in the water. There are a number of minerals found in hard water, ranging from calcium to magnesium, iron, sulfates, and others. The exact mineral makeup will depend on the pipes the water travels through to reach your home (as different pipes are installed and upgraded at different times your hard water might have a different mineral composition than someone across the street). A water softener will remove these minerals from your home’s water supply, which in turn “softens” the water

What does Hard Water do to your Skin

What does Hard Water do to your Skin? When you shower with hard water it will affect your skin in a number of ways. Your skin and hair contains negatively charged particles. The hard water, on the other hand, contains positively charged particles.

Due to this, the minerals within the water will be attracted to your skin, which results in the minerals found within the water to cling and stick to your skin. And, because your entire house has hard water, you can’t just wash off the minerals. You’ll just end up adding more of the hard water minerals to your skin in a never ending process.

The minerals collecting on your skin will then mix with your soap and shampoo. This creates a kind of soap scum that sticks to your skin. Think of the soap scum that forms around the head of your shower and around the faucet of your skin. This is exactly what is happening on your skin. This scum will sling to your skin and block away any of the good moisture your body attempts to make naturally.

The soap scum will then go and block pores, preventing the natural oil from escaping. This not only will cause your skin to dry out and flake but it may also lead to additional breakouts and other skin problems. It will also cling to your hair as well, which can cause it to look lifeless and dull. So while the hard water might technically be safe to consume and shower with, it does a number on your skin.

A Never Ending Cycle

There is more to what does hard water do to your skin. With hard water you can’t simply wash it away. As long as you’re always using hard water it will always be present. There are some shampoos and soaps designed specifically for use with hard water to help minimize the effects, but it will never cause it to go away. And even if you moisturize following your bathing and showers it will not completely make up for the soap scum still stuck on your skin.

The soap scum will block out some of the moisturizer you are applying, so again it will not work as well as you’d like. You may be investing all kinds of money in quality skincare products, only to find nothing is working. It’s likely not the fault of your skincare products but instead the water you’re using.

Help Is A Phone Call Away

Just because your home has hard water does not mean you need to deal with this forever. By installing a home water softener you can remove the minerals and other undesirable gunk found within your home’s water supply. You will be amazed as to just how much better you feel following your first shower after installing the water softener.

Your skin will not feel as dry as it normally would following a shower. It won’t be flaky around your joints, and your hair will feel lighter and fuller as well. It will take a few weeks to fully see the difference in your skin and hair, but the difference will be dramatic.

The improvement in your home’s water supply will also help you save money on the moisturizing creams and topical products you’re purchasing. You won’t need to apply as much of it to your body to make up for your dry skin as your skin will be able to naturally produce the oils needed to keep it moisturized.

Water Softener Does More Than Improve Hard Water

Correcting hard water is just one of the many issues a water softener is able to correct. Have you noticed strange smells from your water? Perhaps it has the aroma of old eggs, or even a bit like a swimming pool. This is due to different chemicals within the water. Chlorine is one of the most common aromas found because cities will use chlorine to kill bacteria and to make sure your water supply is safe to drink.

While chlorine works wonders when it comes to killing bacteria, the city’s basic filtration system will not remove all of the aroma from the water. That is why, following a shower, you might smell like you were swimming at a local pool earlier in the day (especially if your skin is dried out from the hard water).

With a water softener this aroma, the old eggs aroma, and other smells that might have been coming from your water will be removed. This way, whether you are washing your clothes, drinking a glass of water, cooking, or taking a shower, you will be able to enjoy fresh, clean, and pure water, as it is intended to be enjoyed. You owe it to yourself to have a water softener installed in your home.

Upgrade Your Home’s Water Today

Now you must be aware of what does hard water do to your skin. From drinking to showering, washing your clothes to cooking, the quality of your water is important. While the city’s water supply goes through a general purification process, the water does travel through miles of aging pipes, which in turn will collect minerals and other elements that reduce the quality of water running through your tap and showers. You can’t do anything about how the water travels to your home, but you can take care of the water once it reaches you.

By installing a water softener in your home you will see a vast improvement in the overall water quality. Especially when you shower. So, if you’re tired of dealing with dry, itchy skin and all the other problems associated with hard water, now is the time to give Quality Water of the Carolinas a call. This one call will drastically improve your overall quality of life.