What is the Healthiest Water to Drink

30 Aug. 20

What is the Healthiest Water to Drink: Filtered, Bottled or Tap

Your body is made primarily up of water. Because of this, you need to replenish the fluids continually you lose throughout the day. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight servings of 8-ounce glasses of water at a minimum. In reality, you should probably be drinking even more than that. But is one water source better than others? Is all water created equal, or are some kinds of water better for you than others? 

You may be wondering what is the healthiest water to drink as you consider bottled, tap, or filtered. Well, here is everything you need to know about the three water choices and which you should opt for when given the option.

Tap Water

Let’s start right out of the gate with tap water. Tap water has such a wide range of possibilities. The tap water in your home is different from someone’s on the other side of the city, but it may be different from your neighbors. There are just so many variables at play. Sure, if you moved up onto a glacier and tapped a faucet running directly from the ice, you’d have some pretty refreshing water. Unless you have a source for untouched water anywhere nearby, there’s a good chance the tap you receive is on the bottom of our list.

Now, it is important to note that your city’s tap water is still safe. It might not be the cleanest or purest option out there, but it is readily available and offers you drinking water whenever you need it. So, if filtered or bottled are not options, you can always go with tap.

Bottled Water

There are all kinds of bottled water options out there, and many are nothing more than purified tap water. Other companies will locally source the water from springs or lakes. However, if you are especially conscientious about it, you should look up where the water comes from and whether it is ethically sourced. For example, Nestle pumps water out of the Great Lakes for its bottled water. The company made a deal to be allowed to pump hundreds of gallons of water every day without being charged (something locals adamantly oppose). In terms of the quality of the water, it is just fine. But if where the water is sourced is important to you, it is a good idea to do some background research ahead of time.

There is also a bottle of water options that contain extra ingredients. Some may come with added nutrients. Others are carbonated with the flavor “essence” added. Some bottled water even has caffeine in it. It won’t replace your morning coffee cup, but for the little bit of added kick throughout the day, this might be an option.

Bottled water is about as healthy as it gets with water just because it has been filtered and purified far beyond what you get with tap. It also is the most expensive option and, depending on your personal beliefs, and some water might not be ethically sourced. That is entirely up to you.

Filtered Water

Most bottled water is filtered water. However, home filtered water gives you bottled water quality water right out of your tap. This makes it significantly more affordable and an excellent investment inside of your home. However, there are some variables to consider when it comes to filtered water.

Some home water filtration systems will add some minerals, like sodium, to the water. This can leave a noticeable salty taste to the water. If you’re considering a water filtration service provider, you should ask about how the water is filtered and if it will potentially affect the taste of the water. Naturally, you don’t want to increase your sodium intake simply from drinking water.

There are several filtration options available to you. One uses a filtration system right at a tap. This filters the water as it comes out of the tap. A full house filtration option, though, provides something different. With a full house filtration system, you will purify the water before it begins circulating through the house. This does have many benefits. First, whether you’re in the shower, drinking a glass of water, or brushing your teeth, you will have purified, clean water. It also helps with your appliances. When using standard tap water with your appliances, mineral deposits can build up within these appliances. Over time the appliances can become corroded and require repairs more frequently than you might need with a full house filtration system.

So Which Water Is Healthiest?

All of the water options are good for you. It is vital to remain hydrated throughout the day, which is why drinking any water options is essential. However, if you had a choice, you would want to go with filtered water. Bottled water is filtered, only with an increase in price. With a home filtration system, you’ll have access to pure, clean, refreshing water, whenever you turn on the faucet. Plus, a home filtration system can be tailored specifically to meet your home’s needs and your home’s water supply.

Drink the Purest Water Around

When it comes to the purest, cleanest water possible, you owe it to yourself to have a full-home water filtration system installed. This will give all of your faucets access to purified water. This will improve the quality of your shower, but it will also help reduce wear and tear on all appliances that use water. Here at Quality Water of the Carolinas, we’re here to help make sure you receive the best water possible. If you want to learn how much purer your water will be with our filtration system, or if you have other questions regarding what is the healthiest water to drink, the benefits of our service, give our staff a call. Our team is here for you and all of your quality water needs.